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Hello youngsters, this is your number one stop point on Quill Kastle. Here, we can engage, share ideas and grow together. I will be dropping stuffs here for all my secondary school friends every Thursdays. So, bookmark this page and refresh to catch up with me. Here, I will be bringing up issues and topics around overcoming challenges, especially as it affects youth development. Feel free to invite friends and loved ones to join the conversation. My wish is to step you up ten times above your peers. Like they often say readers are leaders. What do you think?

Once again, welcome here. Today on the segment, I will be flying with a very brief Career Talk. I hope you find it worthwhile. Some other times, we can play games, solves some puzzles or take some drills. Yes, I want things all here to be fun.

Okay guys, let’s get to business. On our Career Talk this time, I will be explaining a bit on PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (PA). As secondary school students, you should be preparing your mind for the future. Whatever you want to become should be developing inch by inch while taking into consideration your strength. One of these days, I promise to write about Identifying your strength in detail.

Some weeks ago I was privilege to meet Odumosu bolajoko, SS3 student of Hamdallah College Bariga, in one of my Lagos wanderings. I met Bola and in our chat she informed me of her wish to go into Public Administration. So, I am dedicating this segment to Bola, who wants to become a Public Administrator.

According to the Wikipedia, a Public Administrator is an individual who implements government policy and also studies the implementation and prepares civil servant for working in the public service. The Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary on the other hand further simplifies this as one who ministers affairs, directs, manages, executes or disperses an affair in the community. Now, pulling out some key words we can say and be correct that public administrators are: Public servants working in public departments and agencies at all levels of governments.

The task of such officers is to stand in for government ensuring the execution of certain section of activities managed or administered by the state (whether health care, education, building, social support e. t. c). In other words, they carry out activities of the administrative agenda of the section entrusted, accordingly, in a public institution. They take decisions, review policies and oversee how these decisions and policies are implemented.

The job is a fine one really. But, as a secondary school student, if you must become one, you need to make good grades in your final year exams and top it by gaining admission to any reliable University. Stay focused, be hardworking and graduate well with honors. Do you want to become a public administrator or have a question to ask, leave me your queries in the comment session. Until next week when I come your way again, GOODBYES!

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Hello Yuppies! I am super excited to connect with you here. Special thanks to Aunty Moridiyyah for flying this Segment. You will sure learn from her corner. She is such a wonderful counselor, trust me. I am really looking forward to exciting times with you. There are lots of goodies to catch up really. And, yes, if you like to write or draw, reach out to Aunty Moridiyyah. She will facilitate your works to be published here and you will get read and applauded by loads of our esteemed readers. It’s a new Term. This signifies a new beginning. Remember to set new goals, work hard and achieve more than you have in the last class. Don't forget that with hard work, determination and prayers, you will be able to achieve your set goals. From myself and Aunty Moridiyah, we are wishing you a wonderful term ahead.

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