My Crib Poetry


Written by Eridwana



I have witnessed

…the death

Of many hills

Who died the death

Of gradual tractor graze.


I have witnessed

…the fall

Of many mountains

Who crumbled before

The feet of bastard bulldozers.


I have witnessed

…how forests became factories

How beaches became bridges

Day became a night and

Plays became fight.


I have witnessed

…how jollies became enemies

Wrong became right and

Teeth vacate the gums.


I have witnessed

…how kobo(s) became millions

How shawls became hearse.

And lost became found


I have witnessed

…the betrayal of hypocratus

The abduction of tomorrow

And the run-away of statues.


I have witnessed

…how grasses disguised like trees

How liars were called to lead

And madness –a word for sanity.


I have witnessed

How sorrows replaced happiness

How birth deposed barrenness

And silence was gutted by noise.


I have witnessed

…how love

Was payed with hates

How trust was a broken plate

And wisdom was traded for foolishness


I have witnessed

…the starving of the wealthy

…the drowning of a fish

…the rise of a fallen lad.

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