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The Paradigm Nigeria kicks off youth development programme in schools across south west Nigeria

Written by Eridwana

Members of The Paradigm Nigeria, a nation building group based in the south west of Nigeria, on Wednesday, 21st of February, have set the pace on youth development, engaging youngsters as they kick off the maiden edition of their Youth Development Scheme (YDS). The edition which was held in Lagos at the New Flame Academy, a student-development-oriented school, saw to the training of about 20 students who benefited from the training session under the mentor-ship of Paradigm Beemy, Adebimpe Oladunjoye Akinbuja –an entrepreneur, and Paradigm Lade, a graduate of Lautech and former President of The Campus Ambassadors, T.C.A Lautech.

This development, according to the organistation’s mission statement, was in a bid to grow and develop exemplars which will not only facilitate the emergence of well-mannered, right thinking and productive individuals but also bring about the population of a community/state/nation with constitutionally consciously minds. In doing this as planned, leaders, members and volunteers of the organisation, will go on courtesy school tours to train young and promising students on key skills to help them grow into dynamic leaders.

According to Paradigm Prolific, Abdulrasak Kolawole, CEO Prolific Events, the group is on a mission to train Nigeria’s next generation of young leaders. Abdulrasak noted that the mission is timely and a way of reclaiming for the country her pride. Nigeria, according to him, is suffering in recent times as a result of neglect of her younger generations by the much older ones.

In his talk while calling on other community stakeholders to rise up to the occasion of nation building, Paradigm Treasure, Bolarinwa Sheriffdeen, speaking on behalf of the organisation’s President, Lekan Sadiq, encouraged youngsters to live an open life and focus most importantly on seeking beneficial knowledge. He however noted that young leaders and youth trainers, on the other hand, must learn to build integrity as it is the only thing that lasts.

“The true definition of a leader is that of an individual who is charting a cause to be identified with. He/she must however learn to desist from the ways of the old –where development is only a lip service and no one is truly executing the work.

“…I am particularly excited that our ongoing YDS largely translates to Paradigms walking their talk as building integrity does not come overnight. We are accepting nation building as our responsibility because there are only two sides to Nigeria’s coin –we either help her grow or let her down as contained in past narratives.”


Commending the effort of the initiative (on the success recorded) following the staging of the first phase of their youth development scheme, Lasisi Kifayah, fashionpreneur cum youth development enthusiast, described the development as a display of concern of the organisation to building a virile community, adding that more of such staging will go a long way to re-orientate young minds. The graduate of Pure and Applied Biology and former Administrative Secretary of The Campus Ambassadors (TCA Lautech), enjoined the Paradigms not to lose steam on their strength.

“The problem of our youth is not the problem of finding a focus and leveraging on their strength, the problem is poor orientation and lack of access to worthy leaders to pick as models and mentors. It’s a good thing to see members of The Paradigm Nigeria coming to fill the void. More of this is all we need to reshape our society. I am happy the organisation is flying a commendable project, this time. And, I hope this will stay and not fade out.”




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