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Written by Eridwana

Etymologically, the word education derives from the Latin word education –which means a bringing up, a rearing and an act of cultivating proficient individuals. In the general sense, education may mean a pattern of learning through which knowledge, skills, intellect and habits are transferred from generation to generation through tuition, training or research.

Prudently following the above illustration of the word education, one would easily note that education has to do with bringing up and cultivating individuals in an advanced manner so as to become sophisticated in terms of reasoning, in the area of handling sensitive social, political and economic issues, in the area of morality, respect for elders and one another, and in making workable decisions, which do not only benefit the individual, but from which all is benefited. For me, a proficiently educated person is not only useful to him or herself and his or her immediate family but to his immediate society and to humanity as a whole.

Education develops skills, intellectual power within the individual. It brings about influential and appealing habits in the individual, and strengthens the individual’s level of moral standard. And the conglomeration of these makes an individual a highly cultivated person, with a uniquely identifiable identity. An individual who is not only brilliant but whose moral standard is sound to a considerable degree.

Educated persons are regarded as instruments and advocates of a better society because with all the qualities that are expected in educated persons, some reasonable ability to make use of the society’s economic strength to bring about unprecedented advancement in the quality of the society is eagerly expected of them. An educated person does things in prudent and unique manners with a considerable level of sincerity. When you are educated, you are seen as one who fits into any reasonable position, and in turn, reasonable and workable results are expected.



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Ridwan Adelaja is a news reporter and content curator on Quill Kastle. He has worked as a freelance reporter for NTA Ilorin, The Nation News and MC_REPORT in the past. He is a multiple award-winning Poet with a special interest in journalism.


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